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Tiffany & Co. celebrated the opening of its new flagship store at Kurfürstendamm 189 in Berlin yesterday, November 22, 2023. The company collaborated with four up-and-coming artists from the Berlin art scene. Claudia Wieser, Luki von der Gracht, Theresa Volpp and Timo Helgert were invited to be inspired by the Tiffany & Co. universe and its unmistakable blue (Pantone 1837C) to create new works of art. On the 270 square meters, Tiffany & Co. also presents works ranging from historical archives to contemporary art by Richard Prince. The new space houses art in all its forms and continues the store's mission to exist as a living work of art that now vibrates to the rhythm of Berlin!

The invitation was accepted by numerous artists and creatives from the film, fashion and music industries, such as Ruby O.Fee, Clemens Schick, Taneshia Abt, Eugen Bauder, Marie Burchard, Mogli, Zsa Zsa Inci, Anna Schürrle, Mandy Bork, Leonie Hanne and many more. The popular Berlin artist Mulay provided the appropriate background music for the evening.

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