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The fifth season has started in Munich🥨🍻🎡🎢. As every year, the legendary event "Almauftrieb" took place at the Käferschänke at the Oktoberfest on Sunday, September 17, 2023.
In a festive atmosphere and with culinary highlights from Feinkost Käfer, the guests followed the invitation of the costume sponsor Kinga Mathe. The guests celebrated in a wonderful Oktoberfest ambience, including well-known names such as entrepreneur and influencer Ann-Kathrin Schmitz, Delia Lachance, Farina Opoku, Funda Vanroy, Füsun Lindner, Janine Wiggert, Janis Danner, Jessica De Oliveria, host Jennifer Knäble, actor Kostja Ullmann, actress Luna Schweiger, celebrity Lilly Becker, Monica Meier-Ivancan with her husband, model Sandy Meyer-Wölden, Sarah Brandner, Soulin Omar and Viky Rader at the tables of costume designer Kinga Mathe. Many of the guests as well as the hostesses were dressed by Kinga Mathe with the latest collection for the Almauftrieb.

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