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On Thursday, 4 July 2024, Kinga Mathe opened her first Kinga Mathe store in Munich with an exclusive VIP event.
Located in the heart of the city centre, close to Maximilianstraße, this modern location now delights traditional costume lovers.
The guests, including well-known personalities such as interior designer Cosima Auermann, actress Annika Blendl, model Sarah Brandner, professional handball-player Anika Neuer, presenter Alessandra Geissel, actress Nele Kiper, Model Franziska Knuppe, Presenters, Models and Twinfluencers Julia and Nina Meise, Model Monica Meier-Ivancan, Podcaster and Presenter Alessandra Meyer-Wölden, Biathlete and Cross-Country Skier Miriam Neureuther, Lawyer Dr. Nadja Anna zu Schaumburg-Lippe and well-known Munich faces. All guests were dressed by Kinga Mathe for the evening.

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